How to enter unlock code in samsung phones

How to enter an unlock code

  1. Insert non-accepted SIM Card into device
  2. Power on the device
  3. When prompted enter the Unlock Code which we send you
  4. Device should be “successfully unlocked”

If the above steps unsuccessful then please follow the following instructions
(These steps are for Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Note2 only)

Make sure that the phone PROMPTS for the code with a NON accepted sim card and that your IMEI is correct by dialing *#06#

  1. Go to the Dial pad and dial *#197328640#
  2. Please click on number [1] UMTS > [1] Debugging screen > [8] Phone Control > [6] NETWORK LOCK
  3. You will see 3 options
  4. Please click on number [1] Perso Sha256 INFO, the screen will change slightly
  5. Please hit the MENU button then when the menu pops up please carefully hit BACK to return to the previous screen
  6. Please click on number [2] Perso Sha256 ON, the screen will change again to a one line message
  7. Restart the phone on the screen by holding the power button and click RESTART
  8. When the phone prompts for the unlock code simply enter the unlock code (Provided by us)
  9. Your phone is now permanently unlocked!

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